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Furever- Far & Wide Ring Band

Furever- Far & Wide Ring Band

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**This is a Cremation Jewelry Piece, please read ALL the instructions before purchasing**

Please keep in mind these are handmade just for you so there will be slight differences from piece to piece. 


Choose from the following options such as metal type, stone color, & stone ash style.

Once you have purchased your Furever piece you will receive an email with directions on how to get your ashes to Pure Life jewelry.

Each order will have two stones created. One is used for the jewelry and one as a backup stone.


Please keep in mind these are handmade just for you so there will be slight differences from piece to piece.

**Please allow for minor differences in the jewelry as well as the resin stone.**


The resin cremation stone is 100% hand-crafted by a local artisan. (Liquid Gold Smith) Minor imperfections are possible - but this will help add to the uniqueness of your piece! The process of cremation jewelry sometimes yields small air bubbles in the stones, and won't affect the integrity of your piece. The ash will appear as small light grey specks.


Handling The Cremation Ash is Easy and Quick with our Cremation kit

  1. We provide a small spatula to transfer the ashes to the tube. 
  2. Takes no more than a minute.
  3. Vial seals securely.

We will mail you a special kit complete with instructions & a prepaid return label.

If you are uncomfortable handling ashes (very understandable) you can ask your cremation service if they will do this step for you and/or prepare little baggies with the proper amount to include. 

Cremation kits are optional.

**Add size to notes section**

 This handcrafted wide band ring features Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay. It is available in both 14k Gold Filled & Sterling Silver. The inlay showcased in this piece is a resin cremation stone. Each is completely unique. We are currently only offering Turquoise as the inlay stone. Please order one size up since this is a wide-band ring.

(To be sure of your size please purchase a ring sizer)

  • Handmade in AZ
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lead-Free
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