We are wanderers, pioneers, and we are dreamers. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and lovers. We are earth tones - silhouettes - made of history and bold determination. We write our own fate on the stars; we wear the wild wind in our hair; we never settle. We are passionate and powerful and strong - desert goddesses who’ve learned to chase the sun.


    Just about anyone can make a piece of jewelry. What we do strives to be more than that. What we want to do is share a story.

    Every design contains the history of its creator. Every gemstone contains untold mysteries of the earth. Every finished piece combines the two.Even more importantly, the right piece of jewelry can reflect and amplify the personality of its wearer. And this is where our stories come together.We make every piece of jewelry, from scratch, by hand. We insist on using only the finest materials. We interweave our work with heart and soul.We create jewelry that describes you, that stays with you - that dresses down when you do and dresses up just when you need it to as well.We make jewelry, yes, but we make so much more than that. We make memories. We make lifelong connections. We make what we make here just for you.


    Ooooh, we do this because we love to! Because we must! We do this because our work extends so far beyond the effort of metal-smithing and designing. We do this because you are worth it. We do this because jewelry is our small way of contributing to your amazing story.

    Remember: this small piece of jewelry is more than an accessory. It is a testament to hard work and determination. It is an emphatic manifesto of your worth! It is an every-day reminder that your life is what you make it and that you have everything it takes to make it what you want.We make this jewelry because it’s one small way for us to come alongside mighty women / lady bosses / gold-skinned goddesses like you and offer confidence and strength. If our jewelry had lungs it would be singing, “You can do this, yes you can!” You are not stuck. Others need not define your precious life. You are powerful and creative and inspired! We do what we do because of you.

Hi! I am Jenny Melissa Rodriguez, the creator & designer of Pure Life Jewelry.

I established Pure Life Jewelry in 2013. Since then, I have become very active in the local artisan scene throughout Arizona. I love the energy around supporting small businesses and the makers’ movement that gives me and other local creators the opportunity to share our passions with you!Jewelry, which I now create in-house in my studio, has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I would make beaded jewelry for family and friends. It has always been a passion of mine. The style of my jewelry could be characterized as boho with a southwestern flair, stemming from being an Arizona native..The name of my company, “Pure Life,” stems from a big part of my family heritage. It is translated from a popular saying in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida,” which embodies my vision for Pure Life Jewelry as a symbol of living life to the fullest.In 2017, I decided to open the studio/shop so that you can come in and see how I design my pieces in person. I also wanted to provide a place for other local artisans to share their unique creations.I carry various different types of products that I hope you will love as much as I do!My work serves to communicate the very ideology I was raised with: Live courageously. Live a life of passion and of meaning. Live in the aura of your own powerful presence and capacity for growth. Create something. Contribute something. Be without apology the gorgeous human that you are.See you at my shop in the near future!