Company founder, Jenny Rodriguez, established Pure Life Jewelry in 2013. Since then, Jenny has become a very active and vital part of the local artisan scene throughout Arizona. Her easy smile, genuine warmth, and striking aesthetic are familiar trademarks of the brand.


   Jenny has been creating jewelry for as long as she can remember and the creative persistence of that lifelong effort is evident in the quality of her work. The characteristic boho and southwestern flair unique to her brand stem from a rich Costa Rican and Mexican family heritage.

The name of the company itself mirrors a popular Costa Rican exclamation, “Pura vida!” and speaks to the very heart of Jenny’s vision for Pure Life Jewelry as a symbol of living life to the fullest. In this way, Jenny’s work serves to communicate the very ideology she was raised with:

  Live courageously. Live a life of passion and of meaning. Live in the aura of your own powerful presence and capacity for growth. Create something. Contribute something. Be without apology the gorgeous human that you are.


"Open your hearts and find your wild." - Atticus.