The Pure Life Journey

The Pure Life Journey

If you are new to Pure Life Jewelry you’ll see an established brand with a brick-and-mortar shop and studio, a refined website and digital presence, TV interviews, and beautiful booths at major events. But it wasn’t always this way. Pure Life has been over a decade in the making and built on countless hours of craftsmanship, practice, and learning how to build a successful business.

My first introduction to making jewelry was when I was 8 years old and my aunt would buy me jewelry-making kits. Around Christmas time I would make little bracelets that I would sell and I would use my money to buy my friends and family holiday gifts.

From there it was a natural progression where I continued to make jewelry as a hobby but I was presented with more and more opportunities to sell my pieces. At first, it was individuals, and then I listed some of my work on Etsy, but what catapulted Pure Life as a brand was the events.

As I grew my skillset in metalworking I started getting asked to attend various events, festivals, and shows to present my handcrafted jewelry in person. My education was in marketing and PR for events so I was able to utilize that knowledge to build clientele and cultivate a unique brand experience that kept people coming back to see me time and time again.

Back when I was deciding to turn my skillset into a business I chose the name “Pure Life” because my mom is from Costa Rica and there they say, “Pura Vida” (“Pure Life” in Spanish). This is a very common expression that people use to greet each other and connect, and it’s to define a sort of lifestyle. An attitude and perspective of appreciating what you have versus what you don’t. It’s about living in the moment and not rushing through life trying to get to the “next thing”.

I always loved that concept and as I built this business I saw it as my way of not only honoring my culture but bringing a bit of that mentality to Arizona and the clientele I serve.

Don’t get me wrong, while Pure Life is about being in flow, there was a lot of work involved. I was bootstrapping this operation in the beginning. Folding tables, and paper signs, I often didn’t have the budget to create enough pieces to sell at these shows, but I kept showing up year after year, a little better each time.

Since I didn’t have a formal “workshop”, I transformed my laundry room into my makeshift studio for several years. Armed with just a handful of tools I would spend my free time learning different methods, techniques, and how to work with various materials. I knew I wanted to design wearable art where each piece was completely unique and reflected a specific style that emulated the Pure Life brand.

I wanted my jewelry to not only withstand the test of time, but the elements, and activity as well. They are created to be worn & adorn you in your day to day life.. Something I really love is that I have recurring customers who still have pieces from those Etsy days over 10 years ago. Even if it breaks, I always encourage my customers to bring their pieces back to the shop for me to repair.

A unique element Pure Life has is that these pieces are not only valuable monetarily but personally as well. Everything is one-of-a-kind and many people ask for custom work so when someone chooses a Pure Life creation, it’s truly an investment and can be passed down for generations.

Eventually, outgrew the laundry room, and I took a leap of faith and set up my very own shop and studio right here in Tempe, Arizona. It was a bold move, but it was where things really started to take off for Pure Life and for me as an artist and now business owner.

Never one to settle, I was constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and new techniques to offer my cherished customers. That's when I became one of the trailblazing artists in Arizona to introduce permanent jewelry—a trend that would soon sweep across the state. This is a concept of jewelry that can be worn around the clock, with no clasp fuss required. 

This is a great experience for bachelorettes visiting Scottsdale, girl’s trips, or a special way to commemorate a season of life. Pure Life Jewelry is one of the only places in the Valley where you can get permanent jewelry done in-store.

Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are welcome.

Today, my shop and studio stand as testaments to unwavering dedication, persistence, and organic growth. My jewelry continues to inspire, and my innovation keeps me at the forefront of the industry. I've turned my passion into a thriving business, but I remain true to my roots—a modern metalsmith with a dedication to my craft.

Peering into the future, I see endless possibilities. My commitment to my art, my community, and, most importantly, my customers, stands rock-solid. From that humble laundry room to my thriving studio, my journey is a reminder that with relentless passion and unflagging effort, dreams can indeed transform into shining, one-of-a-kind realities.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. If you are interested in learning more about Pure Life Jewelry you can always visit us at the shop 2011 E. 5th Street Suite 1, Tempe AZ 85281, or browse my collections online at

You can reach us at (480) 678-0498 to inquire and/or book a permanent jewelry appointment. We are one of the only stores in the Valley that does in-store appointments.


  • MON & TUES: By Appointment
  • WED & THURS: 11am-5pm
  • FRIDAY: 11am-6pm
  • SATURDAY: 11-4pm
  • SUNDAY: Closed

Also! Make sure you follow us on Instagram @purelifejewelry so you can be notified of new collections, events, and more!

See you soon!

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