New Beginnings

New Beginnings


            Hello everyone this is Jenny Melissa Rodriguez. Owner & jewelry designer for Pure Life Jewelry. I wanted to add a new dynamic to my website so why not create a fun blog for you to read monthly, right? This is a place for me to post pretty things, life, fashion pieces, music, interviews or whatever I'm up to at the moment. Basically its a place for me to post about the items that inspire me from day to day. I have made it a personal goal to put myself in front of my business. I want you all to be able to keep up with whats going on with Pure Life at the moment and also know what I am up to outside of Pure Life. I'm so grateful for the friendships, opportunities and learning experiences that Pure Life Jewelry has brought throughout the years, now I get to bring you along the journey!

      So here goes my first BLOG post, this should be a fun one to look back on one day. I currently reside in Mesa, AZ and aside from running Pure Life, I also help run my parents business as well. This includes their marketing, promotions & bookkeeping. Its definitely hard to juggle working & running a business but Pure Life is my life passion and I am determined to make it work.

       As you all may know, I have been working on my website & to be honest its been a long-awaited day for me. Thinking about building my own website always had me feeling so intimidated but I put my big girl pants on and handled it. I really hope you guys enjoy mingling around the site & shopping a bit. This site is a direct representation of who I am and what I hope to accomplish with my company.  I am thrilled beyond words to introduce our newest Moxie Collection featuring all new pieces available only for Spring/Summer 2017.  Each piece has been uniquely created and produced for our collection in limited quantities. Check out the look book here if you're feeling inspired! 

    I would love for anyone reading this blog to comment or leave a little tid-bit below.Even if its just a hello or feedback, anything is appreciated. 
     Along with this blog I will be creating a monthly playlist for you all to listen to some music I am currently feeling inspired by. Take a listen HERE
Once again thank you for taking the time to read and be apart of my tribe. You all mean so much to me and I wouldn't know where I would be without my amazing customers. 
Over & out 
Jenny Melissa Rodriguez 




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Hi Jenny! I love your jewelry and have loved getting to know you. You are a beautiful person inside and out and your jewelry reflects that! Can’t wait to get some more amazing pieces from you soon :)


Yay! Love to you, sister. What a beautiful journey ❤️

Erika Marcy Weaver

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